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In order to fulfill our mission to improve profits through holistic talent management, we've partner with subject matter experts in areas we feel are essential to that mission. I feel honored to partner with these exceptional professionals. They are highly skilled advisors, consultants, speakers.

Phil Symchych - Wealth Builder, Financial Advisor
& author of Business Wealth Builders

Phil's book, Business Wealth Builders was an excellent, advisory resource while writing the executive briefing Show Me The Money!. You can find the link to both of these books here. Link

He is a financial strategist and expert at determining what matters most to your cash flow, company valuation, and overall financial performance. He will show you how to identify critical metrics that are not on your financial statements—but should be—so that you can measure performance in real time, and adjust and improve it immediately.

Monthly financial statements are often too late to impact immediate change. In larger companies, CFOs are focused on compliance reporting, taxation, and bankers. That leaves managers and owners in the void. Phil will help you to create flash reports that measure performance daily. These give your management team immediate feedback over what’s working and what isn’t, so you have more control and confidence over future performance. After all, it’s your money.

Additionally, most companies’ growth potential is limited by their business strategy or structure. Phil’s business growth service begins by challenging some of the most common assumptions that may be holding the owner back.

For example, many owners are reluctant to significantly increase production or revenue targets for fear of disrupting “business as usual.” Others may be so focused on following their accountant’s advice for minimizing taxes that they may fail to obtain leverage and act on larger opportunities for growth.

Phil's business growth service solutions give you, as the owner, the ability to increase revenue growth and profits, not by the single or double digits, but often by two or three hundred percent. After taking a comprehensive, unbiased look at your business operations and financial results, he helps you focus on where you can most effectively improve profitability and revenue. He also helps implement systems for tracking meaningful data about productivity and revenue, such as integrated dashboards and flash reports, for better decision making.

Whether your goals are to maximize your company’s valuation so that you can enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed about, leave a legacy for your family, or some other goal, Phil’s services takes a dynamic, action-oriented approach to helping you achieve your dreams.Though Phil is located in Canada, he provides advisory services to both North American and international clients. Click here to contact Phil regarding your needs.

Michael Meske
rs - Microsoft Office Product Suite, Technology & Productivity Expert
Highly'll never see "tech training" the same again. | Multilingual, Authored technology instructional books with Wiley & LearnKey

“You will learn more from Michael Meskers in the first half hour of any training class of his than you will in a whole day with anyone else.” – Richard F. Gray, Arich Corp.

Michael Meskers conducts his popular and highly-successful corporate technology seminars as if he is on stage. This isn’t surprising, since he was once an opera singer—Michael brings a unique theatrical presence to every seminar he has led for the past 12 years in large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurial environments, academic settings, public organizations, government and non-profit. He is unlike any other corporate trainer, combining dynamic presentation skills, original humor, and a deep knowledge of how employees can perform more efficiently without sacrificing quality. If you want your employees to truly enjoy their learning experiences and reach higher levels of expertise and productivity, Michael can lead them toward this goal—he has facilitated seminars in four languages to over 70,000 people in the 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, France, Italy and Switzerland. Intuitively tuned in to the individual ways that people learn, Michael achieves a trusting rapport with students, inspiring them to make responsible choices in their professional and personal lives. He raises their awareness: reducing unnecessary stress, improving interpersonal partnerships to facilitate collaboration, replacing reactiveness with responsiveness to best manage workplace relationships. Michael is fluent in 5 languages, has a PhD (Cand.) in Romance Linguistics from Fordham University, boasts an operatic singing voice and has 19 years of corporate executive experience from his careers with Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearn, Union Bank of Switzerland, and Air France. Michael is truly the ‘real deal’ when it comes to corporate training.

Mary Beth Fleming - Business Writing - Corporate Communications Specialist
For a recent 2 day seminar, she received top ratings of 5s from every attendee - who does that?

Education is very important and
Mary Beth has spent many years helping students and adults improve their communication skills. Because the way we communicate has changed, it is even more important we work on the language we use when we do communicate. 

The average worker will spend about 70% of their time on the job writing. Unfortunately, the majority of us have forgotten what we learned when we were in school. If we could be more adept at the way we write, we might have time for other things.

Mary Beth Fleming has always known that her true calling lay in educating others. As a high school and middle school teacher, she enjoyed a satisfying career. Then she realized something was missing, and knew it was time to explore different directions for her talents and dreams. It's at that point that she migrated to the corporate setting.

Mary Beth specializes in communication topics such as effective writing, speaking, and interacting with others. She believes that "you can be the most brilliant person in the world, but if you cannot communicate your message, you will fail."

Thousands of people have already honed their communication skills, strengthened their confidence and enhanced their ability to deal with others through Mary Beth's information-rich seminars and workshops. Her quick wit, flair for drama and down-to-earth attitude always motivate, energize and excite her audiences.

Mary Beth is living proof that, as she says, "If you know who you are, believe in who you are, know what you want and go after it, amazing things will happen."

Alan Allard - Sales Success Expert, Performance Management Coach

Alan is a former psychotherapist with 20 plus years experience helping individuals and organizations unleash their hidden potential. We all have it, few of us find it and let it loose. He is a highly skilled coach achieving substantial outcomes for his clients.

"The most exciting results for me however, lie in the gains that have been produced within my relationships and ability to lead individuals in a large and complex environment. In today's business when truly positive sustainable results are at a premium, I can think of nothing that has been more rewarding to that end than the coaching I have received from Alan." Scott Watson, Regional Sales and Operations Manager, The Brickman Group

His clients have included companies such as Lucent Technologies, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Brickman, American Cyanamid and Ashford University. Alan has trained employees from companies such as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Kraft, The F.B.I., The U.S. Marshals Service, Hershey Hotel, Marriott, The Chicago Tribune and American Red Cross.

He's been quoted in media outlets such as the New York Times, The New York Post, The California Executive, The CBS Interactive Business Network, and People Magazine.

Alan's newest book is "Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness" and is available in both soft cover and kindle edition on His first ebook  Mental Aikido: Rediscover Your Powerful Self, is a story of resilience and personal reinvention.

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